Learning WordPress – The Best User Guides

A beginners guide to using WordPress

New to WordPress? This is the article for you. This is a list of articles, how-to guides and videos that will teach you how to use and get the most out of your WordPress site.

The Basics


Top 10 most important things to do after installing WordPress
This article from WPBeginner provides useful tips for things can be easy to miss if you are new to WordPress. Items on their list include changing the title of your site, changing permalink settings, adding security plugins and social media plugins. WPBeginner has a huge amount of articles on using WordPress. I highly recommend them.

A few more articles from WPBeginner:


WordPress Lessons for Beginners

WordPress.org has a section with articles aimed at beginners.


WordPress Walkthrough Series

This video series from BlueHost demonstrates how to log in to your site, creating blog posts and pages, how to use plugins, creating menus and other things you might need if you are new to WordPress.

BlueHost also has some other videos on using WordPress and a few videos about things like SEO, how websites work and how domains work.

WordPress video guide for beginners


WordPress Basics

LevelUp Tutorials has a video series for new WordPress users, they cover things like installing WordPress, adding users, pages, posts, categories and installing plugins.




200+ WordPress Tutorials

WPBeginner has plenty of tutorials that will be of interest to more advanced users of WordPress as well. While some of the articles are geared towards beginners, users of all levels will find great tutorials that are easy to understand.

A few articles from WPBeginner:


Customizing WordPress

This video series by LevelUp Tutorials will walk you through creating a child theme that will let you add your own customization to your current WordPress theme. This is a good tutorial if you’ve purchased a theme that you wish to make alterations to.

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